Yuyi Translation is a professional language-related service provider based in China's economic and commercial center of Shanghai.

We offer a whole range of Chinese language services to meet your business, personal, social and learning needs.

With the translation services that we offer, you will find language is no longer a barrier between you and your international customers. And also, you can reach out to potential customers in every corner of the world.                         188bet亚洲体育官网_188bet真人娱乐开户_www.188bet.com
Yuyi translators are chosen not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise. Our translators include bilingual attorneys, engineers, and bankers, as well as scholars and members of the diplomatic community.
For anything other than general business documents, we only translate materials we have a proven background.
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Mongolian   Vietnamese      

 We are Chinese English translation experts
      Over 20 kinds of languages, such as Chinese,English, Japanese, German, French,       Russian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Mongolian, etc.
 Service Related
      Travelling and exhibition service
      Language training and coaching
      Commercial talks and meetings
      Overseas education and working
      Web site building and localization
 Our motto for translation between Chinese and English
      We always offer value-added Chinese English translation works of world level, with
      Chinese price.
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